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Hello and welcome to SpaceRex!

SpaceRex LLC provides tutorials and consulting to help individuals and business with their networking and data storage needs. Check out the tutorials here on the website and on YouTube, the forums for quick questions and discussion, or send me a message if you would like to set up a consulting session.

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Tutorials of various types are the basis for SpaceRex content, and currently tutorials are divided primarily between RaspberryPi Tutorials and Synology NAS tutorials.

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RaspberryPi Tutorials

RaspberryPi’s are phenomenal computers for learning programing and also home automation tasks. Because they are so cheap and low powered they can be used and abused to do almost anything. I personally learned programing in high school by using RaspberryPi’s to create and control various robotics projects.

Synology NAS Tutorials

Synology builds some of the best consumer / enterprise NAS units from a usability standpoint. DSM, Synology’s web interface, provides the most intuitive interface of any NAS/SAN environment. Synology provides users with a simple solution to data management which is key in this day and age.

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Recent Posts

  • Best Synology NAS for Video Editing
    Synology NAS make great file servers for video production houses. This article goes over the best Synology NAS for video editing.
  • How to fix Synology OpenVPN server Windows / MacOS – UNKNOWN/UNSUPPORTED OPTIONS
    Have you been getting the error option_error: sorry, unsupported options present in configuration: UNKNOWN/UNSUPPORTED OPTIONS when connecting a windows machine to a Synology OpenVPN server? This article goes over how to fix this error and get you connected to your Server.
  • How to Automatically Backup a MySQL or MariaDB Server with MySQLDump
    Databases like MySQL and MariaDB can get corrupted pretty easily, due to the fact that much of the database is stored in RAM, so a hard crash can leave entire tables completely corrupted. This is something I know first hand from experience. A disk backup or snapshot is not sufficient to backup your database!
  • How to Install gitea on Synology Using Docker
    Overview: gitea is a very lightweight web git client that you can run on Synology NAS using Docker. This allows you to easily manage your…
  • How to install Minio on Synology Docker
    Overview Minio allows you to use your Synology NAS as an S3 bucket. In this tutorial we are going to go over how to install…
  • Create a WordPress Website on RaspberryPi at Home!
    WordPress websites makeup ~1/3 of the internet (including, they are incredibly easy to setup, and even better they are FREE! This tutorial covers how to setup and host your own WordPress website on a RaspberryPi at home! This is not only a great way to learn how websites work, but it can also be used as a dev site, allowing you to test things without breaking your main site.