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About SpaceRex

Welcome to! SpaceRex was founded in December of 2019, first as a youtube channel with video tutorials focusing on networking and data storage. Since then, we have added this website and consulting services to help clients set up their own networking solutions. Check out our team below!

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Our Team


Founder, Content Creator, Consultant

Will is the founder and primary content creator for all of the SpaceRex accounts. He provides consulting, helping clients set up their own networking systems. His photography hobby led him to his passion for data storage and ultimately the creation of SpaceRex.


Wife!, Head of Operations

Katie manages client scheduling, video editing, and all of the behind-the-scenes things that make SpaceRex run.

“The Box”

Network Host, Blinki boi, Human Resources

The Box contains all of the networking equipment which inspires most of SpaceRex content. It houses the switch, the Synology DS1819+, and the FreeNAS R630 which is the main editing NAS for SpaceRex Productions. The Box not only warms our home but also our hearts.

What is in the box?


Mascot, Emotional Support

The newest member of the team, Fitz is always eager to assist wherever he is needed.

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